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Amber Bel Oud

The Fusion of legends

465.00 AED

Amber is described as a dark woody scent which is fairly powerful. One of the rarest products to naturally find, Amber is a luxury in itself. Its earthy scent is bewitching and its honey-like scent makes you enchanted. Frankincense is our main element having the smell of fresh wood. A very rich and intense, containing hints of spice and fruit.  It is also a native scent to the Middle East region. Oud delivers luxury and a sustaining trail for extensive hours.

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The Arabic word ‘Bel’ is translated as ‘With’ in the English language. The Bel collection gets its name from the pairing of scents we used for our perfumes. A combination of flavors to create an exquisite scent. Be it, the strong scent of Amber blended with the earthy smell of Bergamot or with the extravagant smell of Oud. A mix of the alluring of Jasmine with the powerful scent of Musk. It is one of the best ways if you want to smell woody, floral, fresh and citrusy as they can mingle well with each other.

Ingredients Info

  • Top : Incense
  • Heart : Ambergris
  • Base : Oud



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