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In the year of Zayed, we had a visit down memory lane of the journey of Sheikh Zayed (may God rest his soul) and on this passage, we began to think about the stories that are told about Him and what he loves and did. The idea of The Fragrance of ambergris began within the same year for the neighborhoods of The Heritage of Zayed as it was narrated that Sheikh Zayed liked the smell of amber a lot. Hence, we planned on making a scent highlighting the sweetness of this element. And who else is better for this than the distinctive German atar (Olaf Larsen) who lives on the land of the United Arab Emirates and has done plenty of research as he loves the design of perfumes that revolve around the Amber. The introduction of the aromatic pyramid of this Mandarin fragrance and within the heart of the fragrance we discover the smell of luxurious skin and the fragrance settles on the distinctive aromatic base of amber and oud overall creating a comforting, relaxing and earthy aroma.

German attar fragrance designer Olaf Larsen Launched in 2019

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