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Caballo White

210.00 AED

The color white is similar to that of a blank sheet in life, the start of successful beginnings. It is also heavily associated with goodness and purity. Lemon is used as a top scent because it makes one feel instantly energized and vibrant. Lemon is quite a mood lifter and suggests a positive aroma. Iris is the best suited for the heart as its just as fragile. It’s rarely used in scents. The closest description of the fragrance would be the ’smell of the earth after a rainstorm’ also called Petrichor.  The base agarwood a more raw and powerful scent.

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The word Caballo is the English translation of the Spanish word ‘Horses’. Horses are relatively energetic, elegant, powerful animals with Caballo we aim to make our clients feel similar as well every day. As horses are used as a means to travel from one place to another our Caballo Collection aims at making your journey through new worlds through our perfumes. A world filled with imagination and a combination of emotions from the warm scents of Freesia and densely sweet of White Rose to the comforting of Vanilla and the mysterious scent of Agarwood.

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