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The Fusion of legends

465.00 AED

This fragrance revolves around the unique innovation within the world of fragrance.

The company has done many pieces of research to make a brand new ingredient for the prime stage in the world of perfumes. Pride wood is an exclusive ingredient produced Only by Emirates Pride. It gives a mysterious and luxurious whiff to the fragrance. The smell of black pepper as a top note adds heat to the fragrance, Spanish saffron provides a bittersweet, leathery giving it an intimate quality: a touch bit earthy, yet soft. The smell of cypress provides a pine-like spicy scent. The heart in Pride wood represents purity, virtue, and innocence. The aromatic base consisting of Vetiveria adds elegance and quality to the perfumes for delivering a warm, salty, earthy note, and also the slight scent of the finest styles of musk.

The Nose behind the fragrance is Jórdi Fernandez.

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The M collection is our message to clients by our founder Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim. There are dazzling places in UAE for you to visit but some scents allow you to reminiscence the place without physically being there. Be it the scent of fresh grass on a cold night on the ground of Meydan. The mysterious and quiet beach walks and parks. The message dipped in a promise of happiness and charm. All of these are recreated in our M collection. For our clients who are visionaries, Emirates Pride provides the M collection with a sense of belonging.

Ingredients Info

Woody Spicy Ambery

Top: Cypress, Saffron, Black Pepper

Heart: Orange Blossom

Base: Vetyver, Musk, Incense



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