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The first fragrances of the new Learning collection ( Launch 2019)

Sakura signifies the famous cherry blossom of Japan, a bright white flower prominent in the winter season in East Asia. Many folks move to Japan as a result of the wonder of this beauty. As it’s a seasonal flower it stops blooming after winter, but the Japanese still believe that despite not being physically present, it will always be present in their minds, hearts and even in their food. Sakura deeply rooted in Japan its scent is a glimpse in the world of Japan. The fragrance contains hints of gardenia. The sakura flowers smell extremely vivid and activate your energies supporting a sense of class, powerfully related to the gentle atmosphere of cherry trees. Musk is a quite influential smell one associated with glory and pride. Japanese perfume designer Nanako Ogi was hand-picked by Fakhr Emirates Perfume Company to be the ambassador for the most famous flower in her country.

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