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    Mangolia Flower



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Scentastic No.7

The Sparkling Scent of Imagination

345.00 AED

Magnolia is believed to be one of the most ancient flowering plants. It is best described to have a citrusy, fresh scent with lemon undertones. Sandalwood as the heart is due to its delicate balance between both a sweet and woody scents. The scent of Agarwood used as base is pretty similar to damp wood. Powerful yet just as alluring to the nose.

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Born from a unprecedented imagination, the Scentastic assortment celebrates the superb, right from the exotic fragrances to the solely designed bottles. they are available in variants of floral, fruity and woody fragrances, with AN clear oriental bit to each creation.This assortment leans towards a mild and soothing approach. we tend to gift exotic scents with a softer sweeter scent in our solely designed bottles. Ingredients like Turkish Rose, Mangolia flower, mandarin, coconut add a refreshing and distinctive oriental note to the present collection. there’s power in being soft and compassionate that’s specifically what our Scentastic collection aims at.

Ingredients Info

  • Top : Mangolia Flower
  • Heart : Sandalwood
  • Base : Agarwood



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